Company Brief

is a technology company dedicated to cloning 510 million square kilometers of the earth and hopes to change the world by building a digital twin world. Focusing on computer-graphics and physical simulation technology, 51WORLD has 3 sub-brands, namely 51AES, a digital twin development and application platform; 51Meet, a metaverse UGC and application platform; as well as 51Sim, simulation test platform for autonomous driving.

Developed originally by 51WORLD since 2017, 51Sim is a simulation test platform for autonomous driving with independent intellectual property rights. It offers both as a standard product and a fully customizable simulation solution.

It is an integration of static and dynamic data import, test scene editing, sensor simulation, dynamic simulation, visualization, test and replay, virtual data generation, and hardware-in-loop test. 51Sim supports a full life cycle of automobile simulation test with XIL capabilities.