51Sim Enterprise Brief

51Sim is one of the leading autonomous driving simulation software providers in China. We have full-stack self-developed core technology and full-chain closed-loop simulation capabilities, which can meet the needs of simulation testing for the entire process of autonomous driving development. Our product line encompasses three main directions: data-driven closed-loop cloud simulation, XIL in-the-loop testing, virtual intelligent cockpit and virtual driving.

Simulation Platform - 51Sim-One

51Sim-One Introduction

51Sim-One is a full-stack simulation service independently developed by 51WORLD, which consists of standard products + customized solutions, and it is an autonomous driving simulation and test platform integrating static and dynamic data import, test scenario case editing, sensor simulation, dynamic simulation, visualization, test and playback, virtual data set generation, and in-loop test. It is deeply integrated with customer products, customized, and customized to create "own" products for customers!


Provide all-round scenario generation capability Fully compatible with OpenSCENARIO and OpenDRIVE standards Support scenario generalization Support third-party scenario library


Perception Simulation

Physical sensor simulation model for benchmarking real sensors Support 24-hour dynamic lighting and weather system Quickly generate various perceptual data sets with labels and ground truth Support various hardware-in-loop test


Regulation and control simulation

Lightweight web visualization tool Support dynamic traffic flow simulation driven by parameters Built-in driver model and dynamics model An open evaluation system enables multi-dimensional evaluation


Cloud Simulation

Distributed cloud native architecture, supporting large-scale concurrency Online simulation based on BS architecture Cloud + Client flexible architecture, which can deploy public and private clouds Multi user collaboration and data sharing


Data Platform - Dataverse

Dataverse Introduction

Dataverse is a data platform developed for autonomous driving simulation testing. The platform has the capabilities of data cleaning, data calculation, data management, data visualization, data statistics, etc., to help autonomous driving realize a data-driven simulation closed-loop.

Data Processing, Management and Visualization

The data calculation and processing of massive data can be performed concurrently Provide efficient and easy-to-use tools for data management, query and operation Provide visualization tools for data playback and viewing


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